Citrus Farming in Japan

vertical fruits

Japanese Fruits Farming

The Seto Inland Sea, West Japan is known as mild weather and rich sunshine even in winter.  So there are many fruits farms around the region and people are proud of its high quality and reputation from the market.

We can enjoy young green lemon in early autumn with the strong aroma and sharp flavor until the color turns matured yellow in winter. Lemon products are getting popular in recent years especially in Hiroshima and many food companies focus the rich bounty and we can find them at the local shops in town/airport/train stations or farmer’s market at countryside when we travel around there.

The region was famous for salt production too. We don’t see the trace of the salt fields sceneries along the sea… but some area such as Hakatajima Island in Ehime Pref. still continues producing the salt by the company. Takehara-city, in Hiroshima Pref. is known as one of the prosperous city by the rich salt production. The local NPO produce a little amount of their salt in traditional way to share their history and industrial culture to their children at school.  When you visit Takehara, you will find the beautiful old shophouses at one area in town and enjoy the peaceful ambience.

Image: Lemon & Dekopon Orange from Hiroshima. Salt from Hakatajima Island, Ehime.

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