“Ready to Eat” Carrot Salad


Simple Carrot Salad

This is a dish …cook it during weekend and stock as “ready-to-eat” meal.

Cut a few carrots and stir frying with low heat. Some people use microwave but I prefer with stir frying since I can see the right timing to stop cooking. If the carrot is sweet enough, I normally don’t add so much taste on it and enjoy the natural sweetness. This time, I just added the seasoned cod roe “Mentaiko” (Salty but not fishy at all. I prefer a little spicy version) at the end. The light saltiness enhance the sweetness of the carrot and the harmony is amazing.

This is my mum’s recipe actually and she cooked this sometimes for my lunchbox bento when I was a Junior High. This goes well with any kinds of meal not only for Japanese cuisine.

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