Preserved Lemon Chicken Grill with Couscous, Green vege.


Green Frill – Field Mustard “Nanohana” from Family’s Kitchen Farm

Beautiful bounty of four season in Japan. People appreciate the best season of each food  called “Shun” in Japanese. I believe seasonal vegetables are powerful in many ways… taste, nutrition. They tell us the arrival of the season and give us energy to enjoy life. Perfect green frills for my tagine dish of the night. Steps (used 25cm diameter Tagine Pot): Medium Heat. Heat olive oil in Tagine and pan-fried chicken with homemade preserved lemon until the skin turns to golden brown and crispy. Then put aside. Mixed 1 cup of CousCous with one table spoon of olive oil…and put tagine, steam by the same amount of water (add pinch of salt). Then just before it’s ready, put leafy veggies and cover the tagine and wait one minutes with low heat. I like the texture of half-raw vege so cooked by the remaining heat of the tagine. Put Chicken back and bring the pot to table.

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