Climate Change grows new fruits in Japan


Blood Orange from Ehime Pref. JAPAN

The Seto Inland Sea region is famous for mild climate, rich sunshine even in winter and known as ideal area for citrus fruits farming. But since the temperature is getting high year by year because of the global warming, I learnt from TV that the farmers need to review the kinds of produce to fix the climate change. I guess it’s not only for cirrus fruits.

I have watched the program that the story of the farmers in Uwajima, Ehime Pref. who visited Italy and started making blood orange there instead of their original tangerine or other types of oranges. The reason of the project was based on the climate change… a few degrees if my memory was not wrong. I have watched the program for a little while ago but today I found their blood orange at the market and bought some for my interest.

The orange itself was not very big (I am not sure if the shop only had small ones today)  but the flavor was very refreshing as the blood orange. Actually blood orange juice is one of my fab drink so try to buy the domestic one when I can find it somewhere.

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