Homemade Miso Paste

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Homemade Miso Paste

I joined Miso Making Class almost two years ago. Young president from Mitsuura Jyozo (Yamaguchi Pref.) conducted the class. He shared that he use the local produce for their miso as much as they could and provide healthy miso for their customers.

When I made it at the class, the original color was yellowish brown (the color of soy bean) but it has been gradually changing in last two years and became dark brown like the image. Miso is one of the Japanese fermented food ingredients same as Shoyu(soy sauce), Sake etc and believed it’s important for healthy Japanese food diet.

Tonight, I tried to cook special miso paste for fried tofu using my own miso. Green one is Japanese pepper leaf bud. I picked some leaves from my balcony. 😉

Ingredients & Instructions:

Miso Paste: 2tbs Mame Miso(Red Miso) or Hatcho Miso, 1-1.5tbs Sugar, Mirin & Sake(Cooking Wine) 1 teaspoon each.

*If you have your favorite miso in your fridge, you can try any kinds of miso.

Mix well and heat it up…then put a side.

Heat 1tbs of sesame oil on frying pan and fried tofu until the surface turns to golden brown.

Then paste miso paste on Tofu. It’s very simple and stock in the fridge about a week. Also you can make a dip for snack at party or enjoy with cracker and cream cheese.

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