Unique Bagel from Japan


Enjoyed unique bagels today. Bought usual flavor such as blueberries, fig and walnuts …but found something different and unique versions today.

Light green one (below) is Matcha (green tea powder) and white chocolate. The taste and texture of melted white chocolate was quite rich and good dessert after the meal with espresso etc. I expected more bitter taste of green tea from the dough but went well with coffee.  (I don’t eat green tea sweets with green tea usually…so I tried to enjoy it with other drink this time)  The paring is not so unusual in Japan these days but the texture and richness were amazing.

The other deeper green one is Tansy(Yomogi) and red bean. That’s a typical combination of  Japanese traditional sweets. We find Tansy Mochi (Rice-Cake) with red bean paste filling anywhere in Japan. That’s really unique paring for bagel and never heard of it. Loved the flavor and creative challenge. 😉

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