Hatcho Miso Sauce – Miso Katsu


Miso Katsu – Local Food

Used famous Hatcho-Miso Hatcho Miso brand called Kakukyu from Okazaki-city, Aichi Pref.

They have more than 300 years history and make miso based on their traditional method. Ingredients are Soy Bean and Salt. Fermented for two years. Known as one of Red Miso in Japan and the deep taste gives good kick for various food.

Miso katsu (pork) is famous dish in the area and there are many restaurants with their own style of Miso Sauce. I heard every popular restaurants have their secret recipe and people make long queue.

I checked several websites and made my own sauce for the day.

Hatcho Miso(Red Miso), Dashi stock (boiled pork in the water, sake then add some bonito) , Sugar, Mirin and Sake with very low heat.

Miso is a kind of fermented food and believe it’s very healthy ingredients in Japanese food diet. Hope you will add this (there are many types of miso actually) and enjoy your healthy life.

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  1. thegreyeye says:

    wow, thanks for theses nice recipes, I am gonna make and let you know how it goes

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