Candied Kumquat!

IMG_4936 IMG_4947 IMG_4981

Bought some locally grown kumquat and cooked with brown sugar from Amami Islands and cinnamon.


500g Kumquat

300g Brown Sugar

Water (to cover the kumquat in the pot)

1 stick of cinnamon


Wash and debutton and make a small slit around each Kumquat.

Before adding sugar, boiled Kumquat for 2mins and leave them in the cold water for 1hour to skim the scum.

Then put all Kumquat in the pot with sugar, cinnamon stick  and cover the water….and cook for 30-40mins with low heat.

I made very refreshing drink using Kumquat, the syrup, sparkling water. Lovely taste of early summer!!

Also take out seeds and cut small …and bake Kumquat Bread. Probably I will use them for salad dressing, cook with pork ribs, duck or chicken meat instead of orange marmalade.

Kumquat is called as Kinkan. The Chinese characters mean that Gold + Cirtus. It’s tasty and pretty fruits…and I think the meaning is right. 😉

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. My favorite fruit to make candied stuff!!! Especially in Lunar New Year 😀

    1. Asian Foodie says:

      Oh really 😉 I love to have BBQ Pork and dried sausage in Lunar New Year!

  2. Great idea, can’t wait to try this, my kumquats are just ripening on my tree now!!!

    1. Asian Foodie says:

      You have own tree?? Envy you!;)

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