Authentic Experience in Hong Kong

milk pudding

Australia Dairy Company in Jordan, Hong Kong

While I was in HK, I found a very long queue in a small lane near the metro station in Jordan. Most of the people there looked locals then decided to try their food before I leave HK since I believe the long queue mostly shows the reputation and popularity wherever I travel other countries. On the night, we found their light after 9pm on the way back to hotel. They still run the business and full of people inside but luckily no queue! I wanted to have their breakie but we already had very nice Cantonese dinner so decided to try their pudding as dessert…ordered milk pudding and egg custard pudding. The texture was so smooth and taste was not too sweet. Really enjoyed the pudding by the Chinese spoon as other locals do! Yum!  But the unique mixture drink (coffee + English tea) was difficult for me to describe the taste…hm…something unusual and new to me. 😉 Not sure if the drink is enjoyed in HK or other Asian countries but I don’t find it in Singapore usually and in Japan too.

Locals looked having supper there (but the menu looked all-day breakie though) and enjoyed so much the ambience of casual local eating place there. When I travel around the world and find the place like this.  I love watching what locals eat and how they enjoy the life. Really amazing feeling to be part of the local culture and enjoy the moment which we can never experienced in tourist spots.

But I was wondering why they are called Australian Dairy Company… and asked the cashier but couldn’t find out. Possibly they use the dairy products from Australia? Maybe… but very interesting. Hope anyone will share with me about the reason!  xx

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  1. Mhmm sounds really good! I’d like to try it sometime:)

    1. Asian Foodie says:

      Yes, highly recommended and fun! When I firstly found the place, it’s weekend morning. So the queue looked more than 20m so gave up queuing up then. So better to try at evening time if you just have a pudding & drink. Share with me if you visit there and find the reason why they are called Australian Dairy Company? If I go back there again, I will definately share with you all here! 😉

  2. Ellen Hawley says:

    When we were in Hong Kong, we found non-tourist places whose menus had pictures. I’m a vegetarian, if I have a choice, which makes me a bit less adventurous than I’d like to be in languages I don’t know. We had wonderful noodles at a little hole-in-the-wall place near the night market, and they were wonderful, although I have no idea what they were.

    1. Asian Foodie says:

      Oic.. that’s good you enjoyed the wonderful noodles!
      I also had language difficulties in town when I joined the line at popular casual restaurant with locals since the shop didn’t have English menu. I can read Chinese character in Japanese language but I don’t know exact meaning in Cantonese in HK. But I looked around near my table and tried to find what most people eat at the place then ordered. Luckily…my plate was good too!

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