Local Delight in Hong Kong

IMG_1293 IMG_1292

While I was in Hong Kong, I tried one of my favorite Chinese dessert. It’s a kind of Douhua – silken bean curd pudding. The texture was amazingly smooth and melt in the mouth! Good thing about this was we could adjust the sweetness by amount of brown sugar syrup (not sure what kind of sugar they used but taste was a little different from palm sugar in SE Asia such as Gula Malaka). It’s served in the wooden container (one is good enough for a few ppl) and that’s really cool. But best part of this dessert is good for health and friendly for stomach!

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  1. hathanhvu says:

    We have that one in Vietnam too, we eat that dessert with ginger sugar syrup and coconut milk

    1. Asian Foodie says:

      Sounds yum! Ginger sugar syrup and coconut milk… never tried the mixture. Must try!
      Btw, the dessert is cold or hot version? Enjoy both?
      In my second home Singapore, there are many varieties of hot/cold version of traditional Chinese dessert. In Japan, we enjoy cold dessert in summer and hot ones in winter such as … slow cooked red bean soup dessert with rice cake etc. How about in Vietnam?

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