Little Fish & Homemade Salted Japanese Pepper


Boiled Shirasu (Kamaage Shirasu)  from the Seto Inland Sea with Japanese Pepper I posted about my homemade Japanese pepper earlier… Today I mixed with little fish called shirasu (the season has come!) . The fish is boiled with salt and sold at stores. Wash the salt of my homemade Japanese pepper (cause it’s too salty if it’s with salt) and mix with the fish. Put on rice and enjoy as it is… The pepper has unique and fragrant aroma.  Add a good kick for Japanese dish. Taste of early summer in Japan.

Copyright (C) ASIAN FOODIE 2015

FYI: The Seto Inland Sea Regional Guide (Link)  Setouchi Brand Promotion Association


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    Glad you liked my post! Thanks!

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