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Japanese eat lots of fermented foods. Sake, Shoyu (Soy Bean Sauce), Miso…are all fermented food and believe they are really healthy foods in the traditional Japanese food diet.  Natto is one of very typical fermented food in Japan. It becomes sticky and have very unique smell. So generally eastern Japan eat lots of Natto with white rice (Mito, Ibaraki prefecture is one of famous place to produce Mito Natto) and some of western Japanese don’t eat it so much. Hardly meet foreigners who loves Natto but my Singaporean friends family love this so much and I give them dried Natto as a snack when I meet them. It’s a kind of freeze dry Natto and easy to enjoy as snack, adding into Miso soup, topping as salad.

Today, I tried to make very unique dish. I still don’t know how to call this dish yet but would be lovely to hear if anyone of you will give me some idea about that. 😉

Prepared two of deep-fried tofu (Abura Age… common ingredients for Miso Soup). I always wash the oil on surface into the hot water for a while before I use.  Put them in the flat cutting board. Then squeeze water out from deep fried tofu using  rolling pin. I want to make a bag to put Natto in it so cut one size edge of tofu and open one layer to separate very carefully and slowly to make a bag shape tofu. Just like making pita bread. Then mix Natto, spring onion, mustard, sesame, a little bit of dash stock or shoyu into a bowl. Then put them into deep fried tofu. Then close it using toothpick and fried them into non-stick frying pan until the skin will become crispy and golden brown color.  Inside Natto just becomes hot but taste doesn’t change so much. But the outside tofu is really crispy and go well with beer!  This is not a traditional dish but used very traditional food ingredients in Japan.  Hope you guys will enjoy soy bean products originating Japan with your own way and share on your blog!  Really excited to find inspiring soy bean recipe from other part of the world!!

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