Sweets for Summer – Japan


One of my favorite summer dessert “Kaki-Gori”. Kaki-Gori means shaved ice which is served with flavored syrup. This is very typical classic kaki-gori in Japan called “Uji Kintoki”. This Japanese style old cafe add 8 shiratama balls (white/green colored which was made by glutinous rice flour) , house cooked red bean jam, vanilla ice cream. The shaved ice was mixed with green tea matcha powder and simple sugar syrup. It’s really refreshing to have this dessert in the hot summer day. But it’s getting cold while we eat this in the strong air-conditioned cafe…so I recommend to try this with hot tea together.

When you will have chance to be in Japan during summer, check this at the old style Japanese cafe. They must have similar one like this. Most of the place, you can customized and enjoy favorite combination with/without red bean jam, ice cream.

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  1. This dessert brings me a happy memory of my childhood. My dad used be an exchange professor at Doshisha university in Kyoto when I was in middle school. I hope I can visit Japan sometime soon and walk on my memory lane.

    1. Asian Foodie says:

      Must be special memory for you. Yes, hope you will have a chance to come back to Japan again soon and enjoy authentic Kakigori !

  2. As I view your posts, I realize I have a long way to go to be as good a blogger. Always a pleasure to see your culture and vision Ellie. Thank you.

  3. Asian Foodie says:

    Thanks Bobby! I just want to introduce what we normally eat and enjoy everyday … cause local people in Japan don’t eat tempura and sushi everyday. And our everyday food must have some kind of value and worth to try it especially for international visitors to Japan. Hope people who visit my blog will enjoy my post and Japanese and Asian food culture ! Again, thanks for your comment. Very encouraging !

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