Anago Sushi – Conger Eel

anago sushi_Fotor

Tried this Anago Sushi while my trip in West Japan near the Seto Inland Sea. Heard the area is famous for the dish and people enjoy it grilled as this Anago sushi or Anago Domburi (with steamed rice).

This sushi is a kind of “Oshi-Sushi”, I think. “Oshi …Osu (ver)” means “Push or Press” in Japanese. Put rice mixed with sushi vinegar in the plastic or wooden container then put grilled conger eel with special shoyu, dashi stock, mirin and then press them using the cover to make the shape like this.  Conger Eel was soft and smells was lovely after the grill.  And the combination with the sweetness of the grilled dashi was amazing. Also the way to press sushi looked a little difficult… press not too hard but keep the shape. Unagi (Eel) is well known Japanese food but I recommend Anago (Conger Eel) if you want to try something different when you visit Japan.

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