Taste of Summer in the Seto Inland Sea, West Japan


Visited a small restaurant run by local seafood farming company in the heart of the town in Hiroshima city. The city is facing the Seto Inland Sea and well known for the small sardine called Chirimen Jyako in this season. Usually the fish is dried and enjoyed but they recommended me to try the dish in the season called “Kama-age Chirimen Donburi” which is boiled fresh little sardine and served with steamed rice together.

The restaurant specially cooked dashi (mixed with kelp, bonito, shoyu etc) for the dish and seasoned it as a sauce. The texture of the sardine was soft and totally different from dried one. Also green shiso leaf added refreshing aroma to the dish. The dashi of dried sardine was used for the miso soup and and it was lovely combination. Lovely experience to try the local food ingredients in the best season!

(c) Asian Foodie


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