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I have not updated about this project for a while… but I still remember sharing with you about my umeboshi and actually I didn’t anything for my bottle since last post about this.

I started to make this on 10th June … and I added Akashiso Leaf (Red Perilla) finally into my Ume bottle!  I bought “Akashiso”( ready to use for making umeboshi)  at the store. It’s already removed harshness from the leaf. I have not done this at home but it’s mixed with salt and wash them a few times and add some plum vinegar if I am not wrong.

The original color of the leaf is deep purple (stem looks red purple) and smell is a little different from the green perilla. (green one has more strong refreshing smell and use for lots of Japanese cuisine) When I put the leaves into my bottle, the color of the water (the water comes from the plum itself) was turned to the pic like above. Then I believe the color will be changed day by day… if not, something wrong.  😉  I will update and share with you again here about the change!

(C) Asian Foodie


2 Comments Add yours

  1. thegreyeye says:

    cool, I never ate it

    1. Asian Foodie says:

      Hope you can find somewhere in your town…maybe at asian food store!

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