Hainanese Chicken Rice in Tokyo


This is Hainanese Chicken Rice in Tokyo. The dish is enjoyed in Singapore as a kind of traditional food/soul food and we can find it in countries surround such as Malaysia… I have tried similar dish in Thailand with different name but the sauce was totally different.

At restaurant in Singapore, it serves steamed rice using chicken stock, tender chicken or roasted version…  the sauce is mostly same… Chili and Thick Soy Sauce and Ginger as the picture. (Some food court don’t have a ginger but usually chili and soy sauce are there and we can put them in each small plate to enjoy. Chicken Soup is served with the dish together and that’s really lovely too. This is restaurant style but when we have the dish at food court, everything put on top of the rice.  My most fav  Chicken Rice place is at Maxwell Food Court in Chinatown, Tian Tian Chicken Rice. Long queue at peak time or weekend but highly recommended!

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Really love this food! 🙂

    1. Asian Foodie says:

      You do? Me too!! Then you should try the Tian Tian Chicken Rice (food stall at Maxwell Food Court) when you will have a chance to be in Singapore. Discovery Channel Food show featured there before. 😉

      1. Thanks for the info! 🙂 I’ll give it a try someday.

    1. Asian Foodie says:

      Thanks, Ashley! It’s so yum… hope you can have a chance to try this dish in your town!

  2. maomau says:

    I love this dish!!

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