Grilled Conger Eel “Anago-meshi”

IMG_0742I visited Anagomeshi Ueno restaurant near Miyajima Island in Hiroshima. They had more than 100 years history and the owner is 4th generation. I knew they sell same meal in bento box but decided to try the dish at the restaurant. Miyajima is the famous island which has more than 4 million visitors from the world every year. The restaurant is located at the mainland side and there were lots of people waiting in the place. We found the conger eel was the local specialty and they grilled with special sauce and cooked rice using the eel stock and shoyu. The texture is crispy on surface and aroma was just amazing. Enjoyed with slice of pickled ginger and akadashi miso soup and pickled vegetables. This is one of my best anago (conger eel) which I have ever tried in my life. Worth to try this when you will have a chance to travel West Japan and stop at Miyajima Island.

The restaurant is not in the Miyajima Island. 2mins walk from JR train station – Miyajima Guchi (approx 25mins from JR Hiroshima station).  They have no English menu or sign at the restaurant but most of them order Anagomeshi. So you just select the size of dish. Very simple and easy to order it.

(C) Asian Foodie


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