New Year Feast(2)


This dish is called Zouni. (polite way to call,  Ozouni) My family use round shaped mochi (glutinous rice cake)but other region or family  use square shaped mochi…even I heard people in Kagawa, Shikoku  use mochi with sweet red bean paste but that’s quite unique style for zouni. Our traditional zouni is used clear dashi stock (from kelp- kombu, and katsuobushi – dried bonito),  fish cake with some green vegetables and yuzu for finishing to add some refreshing aroma.  We don’t add Ikura (fish eggs in orange color) every year but it looks more tasty since the lacquer ware is black. We eat zouni together with osechi ryori that I shared with you earlier on the 1st January morning.

(C) Asian Foodie

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