Healthy Lunch

Cooked some simple soup lunch. Boiled vermicelli and
each vege ingredients such as little cabbage, carrots then keep them in the fridge with some gingers at night. Then morning… Heat soy bean juice on the pot with chicken soup stock and put all the ingredients and put in the lunchbox …sometimes I add chicken meat or bacon.

The container keep the temperature for some hours so I boil the vege a little harder(shorter time)than usual cos the vege is cooked in the container before lunch that means I can save a little energy too! It’s good feeling if we can enjoy something healthy and also saving environment even it’s tiny effort like mine.

(C) text & photograph By Asian Foodies


2 Comments Add yours

  1. brandtravels says:

    Love this, simple is better than anything else

    1. Asian Foodie says:

      Yup… And also not much time to make lunch before work ! Haha 😅

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