Unique Local Sweets from Shimane, West Japan

A friend of mine visited Yasugi-town in Shimabe Prefecture and bought this local sweets called Dojo Sukui Manjyu! Inside white bean paste and very soft texture.
According to my friend, the unique design is inspired by the local traditional loach catching dance (dojo sukui) and it’s the man’s face  with tenugui towel (old Japanese style towel) around his face.

Yasugi is well known as this unique traditional dance with the song (Yasugi-bushi)and also one of most popular beautiful Japanese garden call Adachi Museum. Next to the garden, there is a Yasugi-bushi entertainment hall and the dance is performed for visitors. Try to check the place when I will be in the region someday. 😉

Yasugi Bushi (loach catching dance)Entertainment Hall



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