Summer sweets in a tiny island in Setouchi, West Japan

Enjoyed this at Ogi Island (or Ogijima in Japanese) in Kagawa, west Japan!
Sweet red bean soup and shiratama dango(mochi flour ball).

And of course, iced green tea!!  Very refreshing and ideal for hot summer day!
(C) text & photograph By Asian Foodies


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  1. David says:

    If Umaki Camp is “one of my favorite places” this one, where you had this mochi is my very favorite! It was Onba Café, right?

    (One small correction: it’s “Ogijima” not “Ogishima island”. First, 島 can be pronounced “shima” or “jima” in the case of this island it’s “jima”. Then, it does mean “island” so when you say “Ogijima island” you say “Ogi island island.” So actually “Ogi island” is acceptable too, but not “Ogijima island”).

    When were you there?

    1. Asian Foodie says:

      Thanks for your correction !!
      You know the Sweets too?! Wow… You r right, it’s Onba Cafe!
      The view was amazing from there… I was there for three days from 29th last month then visited four islands 😉 You went there recently ?

      1. David says:

        I was on Ogijima on Sunday and I’ll be there again on Thursday… and next week too probably… 😉
        I live in Takamatsu, I go to most of the islands a few times a year, but Ogijima has a special place in my heart and I go as often as I can (usually about once a month, right now a bit more often). 🙂

      2. Asian Foodie says:

        Wow… Visit Ogiiima once a month?!
        And a bit more often? Lucky You!!

        I liked Ogijima too especially people, old houses and enjoyed walking through a maze of narrow roads…and of course prerty Onba. 😉

        When I left the island by ferry, people near the port waved their hands to the ferry and it’s a quite heart warming experience. 👍

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