Japanese Pasta ‘Napolitan’ 

There are many unique food which doesn’t exist in the country or city even its named.. Napolitan Pasta might be one of the things cause there is no Napolitan Pasta in Italy. Most of Japanese know what kind of pasta it is … Boiled pasta and fried with onion, carrot, bell pepper, ham, bacon and put some tomato ketchup. 

Recently I visited Shimane Pref (along Japan sea side, west Japan) and stopped at  old local cafe in the small town. There were full of old people and enjoy coffee and meals … And I decided to try the Japanese traditional? Napolitan Pasta. It proves the everyone knows the dish in Japan even in a small town and old cafe. I have tried this Japanese Napolitan Pasta at lest five times so far but this version was really unique. Served by the hot iron plate (keep the pasta really warm … too hot almost burnt my tongue!) and sunny side up with dried parsley.  

According to the web, the recipe was born after World War II when people started to enjoy the western food dishes.  It’s served in cafe or restaurant and have been loved for long time by Japanese people. 

I don’t see this dish at Italian restaurant in Japan now …. But sometimes find at old style cafe called Kissa-ten or causal local restaurant. When you will be in Japan, try the dish which tub can’t find in Napoli! Not sure why it’s called Napolitan….. Maybe I will check the history some more! 🤔
Copyright – Asian Foodie 


4 Comments Add yours

    1. Asian Foodie says:

      Thanks … It’s very easy. Fried pasta and Vege on frying pan is something unique but it tastes good actually. 😉

      1. brandtravels says:

        Gonna forsure try it out 🙂 thanks

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