Sweet Potate Snack from Kochi (Shikoku,west Japan)

This is one of my favorite Japanese snack called’Imo Kempi’!!  Fried Sweet Potate coasted with sugar. The stick is really hard and texture is crunchy. This shop Imo Kempi is really long and longest one was like chopstick !! Definitely longest Imo Kempi that I have ever tried so far. 

According to the web of the shop, they have more than 60yrs history … So must have the special techniques to make this or special selection of Sweet Popate. 

Found this at the Kochi Airport but want to visit the shop when I will have a chance to be there again 😉 Really fun to find and taste of local Japanese flavors! 


3 Comments Add yours

  1. This sounds delicious. Wish I could try

    1. Asian Foodie says:

      Yes … it’s very easy! Hope you will like!

  2. Asian Foodie says:

    Oh sorry! I thought you liked my different sweet potato sweets 😉 this snack is famous and traditional sweets in Japan so can find major supermarket wherever you travel in Japan. But i never tried making this snack at home. Probably possible but difficult to make it crispy as this one. Hope you can find this at the supermarket Asian food section in your country !

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