Sushi Dish in Takamatsu, Kagawa – West Japan

Visited Kagawa Pref in Shikoku recently and found this simple dish called Gomoku Zushi (*)or Bara Zushi. It’s a kind of homemade Sushi dish cooked with steamed rice and vinegar same as normal sushi rice… and mixed with some of vegetables. Then add slices of fried egg and ginger pickles.

I found this dish at the Takamatsu Port Terminal Building probably on 2F. Paid at the counter and enjoyed it at the table along the window with sea view before I visit island during the Art Setouchi Exhibition! If you will visit there this autumn, stop and enjoy it! Ladies at the shop were very friendly.

All right reserved by Asian Foodie

(*) I learnt that gomoku zushi or sushi is the dish that sushi rice with shiitake mushroom, lotus, carrots, fried thin egg, grilled conger eel, shrimp etc…and probably the roots is from bara sushi in Okayama, West Japan and every home has own taste of sweetness or sourness of vinegar of sushi rice. I guess their gomoku sushi at the ferry terminal was not so sweet and a little different from mainland side of the inland sea. Taste same dish in a different place is fun in a way.


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