Frozen Fruits Dessert in Okayama, West Japan

Found this dessert at JR Okayama Station Building. There was a big sign called “Gohobi” but not sure if it’s their brand or corporate name.They sell various fruits jelly and the fruits are grown locally in Okayama such as grape, peach and lemon, pear …and staff gave me to taste 1/2 stick of the frozen jelly! Yum! I heard that Okayama is known as “Fruits Kingdom” and even local wine is produced there. This products were sold in normal temperature so put it in the freezer for a few hours before I eat and enjoyed it.  Actually it’s difficult to stop eating… original taste of the fruits is still there. I guess “Gohobi” means some kind of reward or treat in Japanese. When I tasted, I thought it’s right! They are all in small packet, not bulky or heavy at all… very good as a souvenir. It says one stick contains 200mg of marine collagen peptide… must be good for our skin!  Hope so…. 😉

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