Soumen Noodle in Pasta Style

I learnt West Japan especially Seto Inland Sea region is famous for Soumen Noodle such as Shodoshima Island in Kagawa. The region produced wheat in the history cause water is not enough for rice farming there, I heard. That’s why Kagawa is known as Udon noodle place and it becomes their soul food. Usually people boil the soumen noodle and dip in the dashi with shoyu based sauce but I decided to cook as pasta … used green chili, bonito and add some Yuzu Kosho which I cooked at home last weekend! Liked it!

I have used Soumen as capellini and cooked with fresh tomato. Texture is a little soft and may not good for enjoying as pasta but I have many Soumen at home (gift and souvenior) so try to cook something different. Maybe try to use for soup next ….
All right reserved by Asian Foodie




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