TM Chicken! Takamatsu in Kagawa Pref.

Couldn’t resist passing through of this small restaurant TM Chicken when I was walking around on restaurant floor of Sun Port in Takamatsu! This place features their chicken and the chef recommended me to try this chicken with their secret spicy sauce.

I was right … followed his suggestion. I enjoyed the chicken with peppery sauce and beer after the long day of island hopping. The taste of the beer and spicy and juicy chicken combination was…. really difficult to describe by words. I ordered the set menu together with chicken rice cooked with chicken soup stock (Or steam with chicken I guess). I thought the taste is similar with hainanese chicken rice in Singapore but very different. More like Japanese Takikomi Gohan … but that’s amazing too.

Try it when you will be in Takamatsu. FYI,  the name of TM Chicken… I asked the chef and found it’s from the name of the town “T”aka-“M”atsu as I thought. 😉
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  1. brandtravels says:

    This looks delicious!!!

    1. Asian Foodie says:

      Yes, it was! Check the dish when you will be in Takamatsu, Shikoku. It’s not that from major travel destination in Japan such as Kyoto or Osaka. Change the train at Okayama then cross the bridges by train! Highly recommended town, Takakamatsu. I only been there twice but really loved it.

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