Boiled Tofu in Kyoto! 

Boiled Tofu called Yu-Dofu is popular dish in winter here. There are some restaurants which serve Yudofu near Nanzenji district.

After we enjoyed two hrs walk the area, we tried one of the restaurant ‘Okutan’ which is located nearest place from Nanzenji (cos we were hungry!) and they have been serving the Yudofu  since 1635!  That means they have longest history for Yudofu in Japan. So decided to try their authentic Yudofu!

Yudofu itself is really simple dish and we can enjoy it easily at home. They put kelp at the bottom of the clay pot and then place a small jar with dashi (shoyu and stock of bonito etc) at the center of  pot. Then put some slices of silken tofu (Japanese call it Kinugoshi Tofu) nicely as picture and boiled it for a whole. When we eat, put some spring onion in the dish of dashi from the little jar and enjoy together.

If I am not wrong, the step of the dish are mostly same at any Yudofu restaurant but the taste of dashi or tofu must be different.

Apart from the Yudofu, tofu dengaku (grilled tofu with bamboo stick ) with sansho pepper miso) and vegetable. Every dish are carefully cooked and we really enjoyed it. Tofu is really smooth and melt in the mouth. And very nice to have hot meal in this cool weather! And we loved the small tatami room and could see the small Japanese garden through the glass door.

During lunch time, there is a long queue there so recommend visiting there a little early especially in  this busy autumn color season!

No worries for language. They have English leaflet and also there is only one set menu… so it’s super simple!

All right reserved by Asian Foodie


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