Matsuba Crab from Tottori, Japan! 

Enjoyed Matsuba Crab from Tottori! The place is facing the Japan Sea. And heard the price goes up so much especially during Japanese winter gift season. So better to enjoy it before/after the peak probably.  Japan has a custom to send a gift each other at the end of the year. And December is for the month and food produce/product is most popular item. 

The crab is called Matsuba-gani*in Sanin region(Shimane and Tottori in west Japan) but call it different way such as Echizen-gani in Hokuriku region.* Kani(gani) means crab. Quite similar with snow crab … so probably same family?!  Anyway it’s the taste of winter. Hope people from the world will have a chance to enjoy it while their trip to Japan !! 

All rights reserved by Asian Foodie 


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