Japanese Lemon?! 

A friend of mine visited Osaki-Kamijima Island last week. The island is connected by the ferry from Takehara city which is famous as a old town of historic machida house district. The town was also known as a salt production long time ago.

Anyway, the region around the seto inland sea produce lots of citrus fruits and lemon is getting popular in recent years.

When I stopped at Hiroshima station recently, I could find so many foods and sweets which are made by local lemon. Not sure if they really use real lemon juice or lemon seasoning but lemon must be one of most popular souvenir from the city.

But basically I love to buy the food produce and cook something by myself. So very happy to have fresh lemon yesterday! Now…. thinking what should I make using beautiful and greenish yellow natural bountry! 


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  1. Love Japanese lemons, we had lots in the summer when we were there 🍋

    1. Asian Foodie says:

      That’s nice!! I heard they are mostly unwaxed and safe! 👍

  2. anumanjul says:

    You can try making an interesting mild spiced side dish (instant pickle kinds). Wash and cut lemons in quarters. In a bowl add cut lemons, add black salt/rock salt/sea salt. Now cut some green chillies and add them with lemons. Cut ginger in thin slices and add. Add asafoetida (if available). Store this mix in a glass jar. Cover the jar with a thin cloth. Keep in sun for 4-5 days. Now remove the cloth and close the jar with an air tight lid. Your instant lemon pickle is ready – you can try this with any kind of rice.

    1. Asian Foodie says:

      Oh wow !! Thank you sooooo much! Sounds lovely! The temperature here is 8-15 degrees here and it’s early winter … should I try this in summer? I don’t think I can find asafoetida in Japan (is it spice?) but want to try it with fresh unwaxed lemon in Japan !! Thanks for sharing lovely recipe!

      1. anumanjul says:

        http://www.ambikajapan.com/product.aspx?id=1136, for Asafoetida. Please remember to use only a pinch.

  3. anumanjul says:

    Further the temperature is just fine. All you need is sunshine. You just need to increase the number of days it needs to be kept in sun, so that the rind is curated.

    1. Asian Foodie says:

      Cool! Thanks for your reply.

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