Food for Winter Solstice in Japan

Pumpkin with red bean. I cooked the traditional dish for winter solstice. 

Cooked pumpkin with dashi stock for a while (add heart shape curving on the skin using curving knife for Thai fruits curving) then add red bean… I added ‘cooked red bean’ from the shop this time cos not enough time after work. It takes at least two hours to cook from dried red bean. 

People believe this dish is good for cold prevention and good luck in Japan and the traditional is taken over for centuries since Edo era. But we don’t talk about it so much with Japanese especially in a younger generation these days… 

But I still love learning it from older generation or old cookbooks through my own small food project and imagine how people enjoyed their local produce in the history. It might be a little difficult for international traveler to try while their trip but hope people can find something authentic food or dish while traveling ! 


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