New Year Gathering 2017

Enjoyed evening at my friend’s place. Nice Food, friends, sake and lovely conversation … Good start of the year! 


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  1. Had to ask if you could please translate what is written on the bottle? Thank you

  2. Asian Foodie says:

    That’s the bottle of shochu (distilled spirit) & Soda. The label … “The bounty of local produce. Setoda Lemon”. I guess Setoda is the town of Ikuchijima Island and produce lots of Japanese domestic lemon. That’s why Takara (one of major liquor company) launched the themed drink… 😉

    1. Wow, that’s really interesting. Is there any sweetness to the taste? Thanks Ellie😉

      1. Asian Foodie says:

        Not so much… it’s just like a lemonade and very refreshing !

      2. Sounds delicious. Thank you for answering.

      3. Asian Foodie says:

        No prob! Hope you will have a chance to enjoy it in Japan !!

      4. I would Love to visit. Japan has such an amazing culture from its past to present day.

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