“Hundred Delicacies of Tofu” Project (3) 

This is the third dish from the book! Tofu with Kanten(a kind of agar). 

There is no detailed recipe of the book but I tried with 175g Tofu (mashed and put them in the glass ware) and 10g dried kanten(not powder) soaked in 500cc water and boiled  until it’s melt. Then pour on the tofu in the glassware and put it in the fridge for a few hours. Cut them like the image and enoy with ponzu (citrus such as Yuzu, shoyu and vinegar) or brown sugar sauce as sweet. Maybe sesame dressing might be nice too. I was so surprised that people in 18c already enjoy this dish in Japan. Really inspiring and try to make it using kuzu not Kanten next time since tofu and kanten textures are so different (kanten agar was firm when it’s cold) so kuzu might be more softer. Anyway enjoyed this dish 👍


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