Love Bento! 

Love making bento…. most fun part is the time to put everything into the container like the image. But most important thing is the nutrition balance. Some people say if the nutrition balance is good, the color presentation will be good too. Maybe that’s true 😉 

Anyway, this is no specific theme such as bento that we can find train station in Japan but I put some BBQ Beef on the rice of this Bento with some vegetables and egg etc. Bento Box is popular gift for my friends when my friends visit me in Japan 🇯🇵 and we can find it anywhere in Japan !

 Some are designed nicely and I have a few bento box for myself! The bento box for above image is my latest one but it’s good for rice, bagel, sandwiches … anything. Also I like handicraft wooden bento box and use it for years. Maybe try to show it to you all when I make bento next time! Hope you all will enjoy making bento on your own style!! 😋 – Ellie


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