Sake – Aramasa No.6 

Enjoyed Aramasa No.6 with mimolette. Lovely combination 👍

Info: Aramasa brewery is in Akita Pref., northern Japan. 


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  1. unclerave says:

    I’ve only tried sake once, and I guess I’d have to call it *an acquired taste*! — YUR

    1. Asian Foodie says:

      Yes it is… there are many varieties and some are like white wine or sparkling Sake is popular among girls. Hope you will have chance to enjoy Sake again 😊🍶

      1. unclerave says:

        I sure hope so. The glass I had tasted like weak white wine, strained through an old sock! I didn’t know there was a sparkling sake! Thanks. — YUR

      2. Asian Foodie says:

        Yes there are many types of Sake … apart from ordinary Sake, sparkling, unfiltered one called Nigori-Zake etc… also tastes are different from region, types of Japanese rice, the way each Sake brewery make etc… enjoy them when you will be in Japan !!

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