Curry Udon Noodle 

Do you think it’s an Indian dish? But no… you may know that Japanese style curry with rice is a little different from authentic Indian cuisine but still popular meal for locals and even tourists who visit Japan.

The “Curry Udon”… I must say it’s very unique food and cooked with dashi soup. And some of Udon and Japanese Soba Noodle Shop  (Brown Noodle not ramen) provide Curry Udon and Curry Soba like my photo using their dashi soup stock which are used for their other Udon or Soba menu. So the curry texture is almost like a curry flavor soup and not thick like Japanese style curry rice. The ingredients of Curry Udon today were beef, spring onion, beancurd skin.

I have not suggested to my friends from India or Indian Singaporean friends but would like to ask their comments if they like 😉 Hope some of my readers who love Udon will find something interesting in this dish and enjoy a bowl of curry Udon while their stay in Japan!

FYI – Udon is a wheat flour noodle and there are various types of Udon. One of most famous Udon noodle place is Kagawa prefecture of Shikoku island in west Japan and they promote their place as Udon prefecture.  Tokyo has a biggest number of Udon shop in Japan but the number per 100,000 ppl ranking … Kagawa  is ranked at the first place !


3 Comments Add yours

  1. I might have onethis evening at our local udon place. Love a good curry udon, especially when it’s cold outside.

    1. Asian Foodie says:

      That’s right ! And cold Udon is very nice in hot summer day too 😉

  2. I love Malaysian Curry Noodles – I’m sure Curry Udon is good as well! I am going to hunt it down!

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