Jade Green Lemon Tea

A friend of mine in Taiwan shared the tea culture in her country. During the talk, she said lemon green tea was popular a few years ago and many shops had own flavor. Sounded very nice to try … so even the midnight, I squeezed lemon, add honey and brewed green tea and made this tea! 

It’s a kind of lemonade but used green tea. Very refreshing and must be good for health too. Actually I really love it and definately recommend to the people around me! 

My friend told me matcha drinks are popular in Taiwan among girls … but I think I will enjoy this jade green lemon tea using cold green tea in this summer! (The pic, I used hot green tea) 

have to be careful to drink too much cos green tea is ying food (I mean Ying/Yang) so I have heard it makes our body cold and cool down.  But it might good for summer after the rainy season ! since Japan is now getting warmer year by year in summer …  

Anyway, hope you will enjoy it using normal green tea or jasmin tea etc if you want to try something unique drink. It’s like a Asian tea and citrus mixology … but it’s a kind of mocktail though. 


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  1. Unfortunately, I can’t have green tea but it sounds pretty good.

    1. Asian Foodie says:

      Thanks ! Hope you will find Japanese tea somewhere in Asian food store etc!

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