Pork Saute with local citrus marmalade sauce!

A friend of mine is really passionate supporting the aging local isolated island community and activities which helps enhancing the sales of local products. The marmalade is one thing. The island is called Osaki Kamijima in the seto inland sea, west Japan and getting attention of people from outside in recent years.

I heard some of young people moved to the island and found the way how they live in the peaceful small island. Some are working as a farmer, promoting the tourism at tourist  information center etc

I just visited Kyoto for three days. Kyoto is one of my favorite city but getting busier year on year and a little sad about that. For international tourists, I would like to recommend visiting those small peaceful islands in the seto inland sea like Osaki Kamijima might be a good idea after the major tourist destination in Japan such as Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.

Pork Sauté… stir fried pork with garlic and rosemary. Then make the sauce. Add a few spoon of marmalade, black tea, balsamic vinegar and mustard. Enjoy!


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