Latest Dining Place in Kyoto – Kyoto Tower Sando 

Checked the basement of Kyoto Tower last week. The food court, Sando was stylish and looked really popular place for locals. They have completed the renovation in April and upper floors had several activities for international tourist such as Cooking Expeience of Sushi, Japanese Confectionary, Food Sample making using wax, Kimono rental service etc…. but I was just interested in the basement Sando and tried several foods there.

There were some seats at the each shop (around 5-10 ppl) but many tables were common tables which means we can order any food and enjoyed together at the table. Mostly we were given by electric alarm and when our order is ready, we will know. Then go back and pick the food.  Most of the  customers were Japanese (looked KYOTO locals) but some of the staff speak English and many English signs … so no problem. Also when I enjoyed local craft beers, one of the staff spoke perfect English and enjoyed the conversation too. It’s directly connected from the Kyoto station building so I think I will go back there again when I arrive in Kyoto or before leaving the city. 

The soba was plain Japanese buckwheat noodle. Usually soba makes buckwheat flour 80% and normal flour 20% and that’s calls Ni-Hachi Soba. Ni means 2 in Japanese Hachi is 8. But the shop made 100% buckwheat noodle called Jyu-wari Soba. (Jyu means 10… so 10/10 = 100% buckwheat. ) They mill buckwheat at the restaurant everyday so it’s very fresh and texture of the noodle was really good. They said it’s a first come first served basis but I could enjoy it at 21:30 on Saturday evening. Anyway it’s  a perfect dish for me to complete my dinner! 

 The plain soba is just 500yen. I added fried vegetables as option when I oredered soba. 


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