Tofu meets Olive….. 

I found traditional tofu company  which was established in 123 yrs ago and bought some tofu, natto and fried beancurd etc. 

First, I tried simple way as cold Tofu (just cut!) but added some Italian twist. Put homemade olive cocktail that I made last week and sprinkle herb salt. I also like authentic way to enjoy it with shoyu or ponzu etc… but if I add shoyu on it, difficult to taste the flavor of soy bean actually. Since the tofu was made by local soy beans, decided to enjoy it with salt. I could taste a little bit of natural sweetness of tofu and texture was so smooth even if it’s momen tofu. There are two kinds of tofu in Japan. One is momen tofu (cotton tofu) and its firm. The other one is kinugoshi tofu (silken tofu) and texture is really smooth and good for hot tofu (yudofu). 

We can find various tofu in Asia but personally I think the biggest difference is texture for Japanese one and others. When you will be in Japan, Id like you to try it while your stay! I am sure you will find tofu everywhere … from super market to department store even there are small tofu shops in the heart of Kyoto! Enjoy !! 


4 Comments Add yours

  1. lulu says:

    Thanks for the tofu tips.

  2. nicdasmel says:

    No offense but even though I hate tofu and olive but they looks really nice together.
    It might taste nice as well

    1. Asian Foodie says:

      Thanks for your comment !

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