Natto Beans Snack! 

Some of you may not like Japanese fermented natto beans. It has a strong smell  and super sticky, gooey and stringy …. but very good for health and had been loving for long time in Japan. 

Traditional way to enjoy natto beans is … mixed with a very fresh egg yolk, add dried seaweed called nori, spring onion and seasoned with shoyu or dashi. Then put the natto onto steamed Japanese rice. But it’s not easy to eat this with chopsticks cause it’s sooo stringy! Then I found my favorite way to enjoy it by one bite just like the picture. Even it’s so sticky or stringy … I can put all in my mouth by hand! Add some mustard or shiso leaf, black pepper, sesame etc… whatever you like! It’s like a simple canapé and goes well with sake or other drinks 😉 

I know many of my friends who live in outside Japan hate this food (haha) but if you are interested or you love natto… hope to try and enjoy it like me! 


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