Local Bakery in Kyoto

Not sure for the reason but I heard Kyoto is the top city which consumes bread in Japan. There are many bakeries … Maruki Bakery is one of my favorite and there is a small chair outside of the shop to enjoy their bread on the spot. The bread is soft and fluffy … melt in the mouth. It’s a kind of typical old style of Japanese bread. 

Kyoto people are living in a city which has really long history but of course they are not eating kaiseki meal everyday πŸ˜‰ Beef is a popular ingredients in Kyoto too. I always go Moritaya at least once every time I visit Kyoto. 

Maybe Kyoto people are curious trying new things? That’s why they know the real beauty what they have in their city and lifestyle? Not sure for the reason or maybe there is no answer for my question. 

Anyway every time I talk with locals in Kyoto, I find they really love their own city and proud of the their one and only culture which we can’t really find any other place  in Japan. Each of us has hometown too and probably feel the same way that they do though… 


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