Limonchello Project -Day 14

Finally … I put Limonchello into the glass bottles. Dunno why mine looks transparent but aroma and flavor are amazing ! Through this project, I could experience why Limonchello is so popular and have been living in many countries in the world. Anyway if you will have a chance to get some organic lemons, I…

Homemade Dried Local Persimmons

Homemade dried persimmons is made by warm sunshine in the cool wind. Takes about 3wks. A traditional flavor of early winter in Japan.

Limonchello Project – Day 9

Mixed syrup to lemon infused gin! Will wait another one week to enjoy this homemade Japanese Limonchello ! But I can’t resist the lovely aroma of refreshing lemon and sweet syrup… and tried a little ! 👍👍👍 Highly recommended if you can get some organic lemon.!

Apple Fries

Inspired from Pisan Goreng from Malaysia & Indonesia… I made apple fries tonight. Sprinkled cinnamon powder and enjoyed this simple and warm dessert after dinner.

Sweet Potato

Found Narita-Kintoki Sweet Potato at the market and bought some. Then I put a little butter in the pot and when it’s melt, put washed sweet potato into the pot. And wait 30-40mins (depends on the size of potato) with low heat. During the process, turn Potato a few times to make sure if potatoes…

Limonchello Project – Day 1

I found organic and unwaxed Japanese lemon and started making limonchello in Japan and today is Day1 ! Couldn’t find spiritus at the shop I went today so used Gin from UK. It will take about two weeks … can’t wait ! 🤞

Chicken with lemon cream sauce

                  Cooked chicken with fresh lemon juice, cream, butter, herb salt. Quick and easy bistro dish!