Bento x Rail Travel

Bought a bento at Hakata (Fukuoka Station, Kyushu) JR station and enjoyed while the trip by Shinkansen. Ebisu Beer went well with the Japanese 🍱 Bento. Highly recommended to buy lovely bento and enjoy when you guys come to Japan and enjoy the trip by JR Pass! Bento – Torisobiro, minced chicken cooked with shoyu,…

Explore the local market

Strolled around the central area of Kumamoto city in Kyushu, Japan. Found a small vegetables market near the Main Street. Japan has four seasons and good to stop sometimes and see and feel each season and enjoy the fresh, rich bounty!

Fish ‘n’ Chips

Cooked Fish ‘n’ Chips at home. Used Hokkaido Potato 🥔 & Onion. Squeezed some Setouchi Lemon (produced on the island in the Seto Inland Sea, West Japan) and local salt.

Homemade Butter Chicken

Homemade butter curry, turmeric rice and cucumber pickles! Simple but lovely weekend dinner 🥘

Gathering !

Invite a good friend from Singapore … she loves Japanese vegetables and healthy meals so I cooked some plates for our lunch and enjoyed the moment 😉

Premium Chestnuts in Japan

Visited a small village called Yamae in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. The village is famous among Japanese confectionaries as premium chestnuts. Joined the harvest tour with villagers and really great time there.

Weekend Wine Event in Japan

Stopped at small coffee roaster, Myoi Coffee in Hiroshima last month and I enjoyed the small plate of beautiful homemade canapé and a glass of lovely wine ! Fermented pumpkin paste mixed with apple juice was really amazing and went well with a slice of duck and blueberry sauce. Good food, wine and conversation with…

Japanese Plum Syrup Project! Day 1

I found fresh and green plums at the market and started making Japanese Plum Syrup. Fresh, sweet sour plum aroma is really amazing. Highly recommended if you have never tasted before. Recipe 1. Soak the fresh green plum, remove the water and picked out stem ends of plums with toothpick.  2. Put them in a…

Japanese Clay Pot, Egg Baker

I am using this egg baker for a few decades …. found this in Shimane Pref, west part of Honshu in Japan. The area is facing the Sea of Japan and known as a region where depopulation, aging society … but surprised they have such beautiful folk craft and the simple tableware are loved by…

Japanese Simple Dessert

I cooked Kuzu jelly and boiled buckwheat Soba enjoyed with marmalade ; ) Simple dessert and also good for vegan friends!