Sanuki Udon Noodle

Had a humble meal, Sanuki Udon ! The noodle is from Kagawa Pref. Shikoku Island. There are many Udon noodle shop and popular meal for locals and tourists. You should try the meal when you will have a chance to be in Kagawa!

Miso Ramen(味噌拉麺)

Enjoyed cooking Miso Ramen for supper. Bought Chinese style BBQ pork at meat shop near my home and cut it by myself just like ramen restaurant! Boiled spinach and beansprout and add seaweed and black pepper…. the soup is miso soup flavor and I bought it at the food section of department store 😬 So…

“Hundred Delicacies of Tofu” Project(4)

This is the 4th dish called Aragane Tofu. Drain the momen-tofu (firm tofu) for 15-20mins. Then break the tofu by hand and cook them in the frying pan with low heat using 5-6 chopsticks like this! It’s fun! 😊 Extract the water from the tofu for a while (until Tofu becomes light), add Shoyu &…

Sakura Marble Butter Cake

Enjoyed lovely Sakura Butter Cake for Afternoon tea. It’s in preserved Sakura flowers, leaves… and cramberry! Never seen and tried such a unique Sakura cake but it’s lovely seasonal taste in Japan.

Japanese Sweets “Tai-Yaki”

Tai-yaki is a traditional Japanese sweets but we hardly see this these years. Found the shop in Saitama Pref. near Tokyo… Tai means Red Sea Bream and Yaki means baked. As you see, it’s a fish-shaped puncake stuffed with red bean paste or custard cream etc. They had matcha(green tea) cream and sweet potato paste(kawagoe,…

Non-baked Cheese Cake from Hokkaido

Enjoyed non-baked cheesecake from Sweets Orchestra in Hokkaido! The sauce is made by blueberried honeysuckle! The packaging is very unique and it looked like a Japanese Tofu with little bamboo basket called “Zaru -Tofu”.

Sake – Aramasa No.6 

Enjoyed Aramasa No.6 with mimolette. Lovely combination 👍 Info: Aramasa brewery is in Akita Pref., northern Japan. 

Found a small spring in the Jelly! 

Found a small & edible spring in the Jelly! It’s amazingly beautiful…. Sakura (cherry blossom)is edible and Japanese enjoy it preserved Sakura flowers for various sweets and tea etc. wind is still cold outside but spring is just around the corner. Can’t wait the Sakura season! 

Lemon Meringue from isolated island in Japan

It’s a gift from my friend who support for their project in the island ! Used local farmers’s lemon and high school students designed the package. The meringue is used regional Rice powder. The texture is so light and melt in the mouth! The bitterness of the lemon peel is a good kick for the…

Homemade Mapo Tofu 

Tried this traditional Sichuan food, Mapo Tofu. But I didn’t follow any recipe and used two types of Japanese miso (Hatcho Miso from Okazaki city,Aichi Pref & Barely Miso from Suo-Oshima Island, Yamaguchi Pref). Also add Chinese chili paste, Chinese pepper, sugar and Mirin, Japanese sweet cooking wine. I love smooth texture of Tofu so…

Iyokan (Tangor) x White Chocolate Bagel

Found a newly opened small bagel shop on the way to farmers market near my home. Tried the locally produced Iyokan Tangor and White Chocolate Bagel and the Cookie and enjoyed with coffee. Lovely snack for Sunday afternoon! 😋🌸