French Toast in Kyoto

One of my favorite French Toast in Japan. Fluffy and melt in my mouth! High recommended when you will come to Kyoto! Inoda Coffee.  Advertisements

Simple Japanese Dish (Deep-Fried Bean Curd)

Grilled deep fried bean curd until it becomes crispy. Then put some sweet Hatcho Miso paste and cut like the picture. It’s good for sake and beer … also as a simple snack. Enjoy! 

Homemade Tea Sorbet

Made tea jelly first to enjoy it after the meal … but one idea was pop up on my mind and I put the glass jar into freezer! Never thought or tried it before but actually I liked it very much! I decided to call my dessert as Amber Sorbet! What do you think ?…

Local Bakery in Kyoto

Not sure for the reason but I heard Kyoto is the top city which consumes bread in Japan. There are many bakeries … Maruki Bakery is one of my favorite and there is a small chair outside of the shop to enjoy their bread on the spot. The bread is soft and fluffy … melt…

Unique Japanese Sweets

Enjoyed unique Japanese sweets using lotus powder. Just prick with a pin and break the balloon part. Kind a cute xx 

Kyoto Sweets London Yaki

Join the queue of locals … simple local dessert. Try the fresh baked one! Can’t stop eating it … I bought 10pcs in a box. Good to enjoy it while walking around town! 

Crepe Suzette

Bought a flat frying pan for crepe … and made this dish! For the sauce, I used local citrus called Setoka Marmalade. I will try it again in winter when I can easily find fresh citrus fruits at the farmers market ! 

Leek Teriyaki

Japanese Leek called Shiro-Negi might be a bit different from leek in western countries but it’s so tasty even can taste a sweetness especially when it’s grilled on a frying pan.  Yakitori Leek is cooked by strong heat. So it’s a little burnt and dry. So I prefer using a frying pan with low to…

Miso Nuts Canape

Roast walnuts and peanuts on frying pan with oil (olive or grapeseed) and add miso,sweet wine, honey and heat it up until the miso paste is well cooked. That’s it! I enjoyed with cream cheese, black pepper and white wine 😉 also the miso goes well with steamed rice 🍚 For miso, I mixed red soybean miso…

Natto Beans Snack! 

Some of you may not like Japanese fermented natto beans. It has a strong smell  and super sticky, gooey and stringy …. but very good for health and had been loving for long time in Japan.  Traditional way to enjoy natto beans is … mixed with a very fresh egg yolk, add dried seaweed called…

Amuse Bouche

Cooked tiny little amuse bouche. The plating was fun and enjoyed it very much!