Prep Meals for Bento!

For my busy weekdays …I cooked some prep meals during weekend !! The photo was my recent Sunday project … then add main dish such as grilled salmon, chicken and some egg dishes on each morning. It took 1-1.5 hrs but worth to try. Less time and effort for weekday!

Japanese Cooking Tools

When I traveled on Miyajima Island today, found really lovely maple tree spatula at the small shop. It’s designed really nice and the curve looked perfect. Recently I enjoyed using the spatula from Italy made by olive tree. It’s fun to use various kinds of tools and compare the quality. I love exploring Kappa Bashi…

Sakura 2018

Almost over the beautiful Sakura season … short period of the beauty but the color is keep changing from the beginning to the end. The food photo is Sakura Ebi Tempura Soba … the little shrimp which has Sakura color and one of the feast in spring time in Japan.

Shiromiso ! (White Miso)

Joined Shiromiso making class … it takes two weeks to be ready. Can’t wait to use this for my dishes … ! In Kyoto, shiromiso is one of most important food ingredients and its loved by locals for a long history. Try some when you will have a chance to be in Kyoto… the aroma…

Japan, Early Spring Delicacy

Fukinoto is a edible flower of Fuki plant in Japan and people here often enjoy it as Tempura dish. It has a bitterness but we can feel spring is just around the corner when we see it at the market or restaurant menu. Today I checked the traditional recipe online and made Fukinoto Miso. Boiled…

Time for Chai

Enjoyed a pot of chai with a good friend of mine. Peaceful weekend afternoon….

Homemade Lemon Toast

I enjoyed toast with homemade sliced sugar lemon. 😉 Used local organic lemon so ate it everything ! Recently I bought some dehydrated sliced citrus fruits but the smells and sourness were gone while it’s dried. The sliced lemon that I used is semi-dried and still can enjoy the crunchiness and sweet-sourness. The fresh aroma…

Field Mustard Cream Cheese Cigar Rolls!

Just made this simple snack for white wine. Boiled field mustard and drain water and cut into small pieces. Roll them with cream cheese using spring roll sheet and coated with olive oil, 20mins 200 ℃ oven. Field mustard is a little bitter but it’s a flavor of spring in Japan.

Japanese Oyster Ajillo

Enjoyed very fresh oysters as very simple Ajillo ! At the end, added pasta and enjoyed garlic, rosemary, chili and kaki umami all together. One of my most fab oyster dish !

Happy Vday everyone !

I made semi dried lemons and enjoyed with chocolate ! Go well with various drinks … wine, cocktail, Sake etc…

Sakekasu Muffin

Sakekasu or Sake lees is a byproduct while brewing sake and we can find them at supermarket here in Japan. Some people enjoy grilled Sakekasu as snack but I tried using it for my muffin. Sakekasu still contains sake so I can’t eat in the morning before going out by car but enjoy it weekend…