Pork Saute with local citrus marmalade saude

A friend of mine is really passionate supporting the aging local isolated island community and activities which helps enhancing the sales of local products. The marmalade is one thing. The island is called Osaki Kamijima in the seto inland sea, west Japan and getting attention of people from outside in recent years.  I heard some…

Pickled Young Ginger

Some of you may have tried pickled ginger at Sushi restaurant…. I found fresh young ginger at the supermarket in Japan and tried to make pickled young ginger at home! Very refreshing and probably good for enjoying with sashimi. ying & yang food paring ! 

Dogo Beer, Japanese Craft Beer

Enjoyed local craft beer in Dogo, Matsuyama city in Ehime Pref. There was a small restaurant which serves local dishes and craft beers! When you will be in Dogo and enjoy the hot spring, you should try and enjoy it! 

Chicken & Dekopon (citrus)

Cooked this dish on last Sunday! Used sweet and delicious citrus, Dekopon from Kumamoto in Kyushu. So the chicken was very tender and the sweetness was well harmonized with the sour flavor of balsamic vinegar!

Jade Green Lemon Tea

A friend of mine in Taiwan shared the tea culture in her country. During the talk, she said lemon green tea was popular a few years ago and many shops had own flavor. Sounded very nice to try … so even the midnight, I squeezed lemon, add honey and brewed green tea and made this…

Homemade Lemon Sour

Made lemon vinegar using locally produced    , no-waxed lemon last month and now I made homemade “lemon sour” mixed with shochu, distilled spirit and soda water tonight! Very refreshing and good as a drink for early summer evening. 

Hiratake Mushroom

There are many types of mushroom in Japan. A friend of mine gave me this beautiful Hiratake last night and I cooked some dishes as the pic. We can find Shiitake and Maitake at the tempura restaurant quite often and the price at the market is quite reasonable. If you like the texture of each…

Conger Eel Bento

Enjoyed Conger Eel, Anago Bento and Yakitori for dinner. Wooden Bento Box absorbed moisture from steamed rice cooked with dashi stock and nicely grilled Conger Eel. One of my most favorite Bento which is from authentic local restaurant with more than 100 yrs history. 

Chicken Laksa with Coriander

Found very fresh local coriander at the farmers market and cooked Laksa! Laksa is from southeast Asian noodle dish and I always enjoy this simple bowl of noodle at food court or Laksa shop in Singapore or Malaysia. Usually I use rice noodle or yellow noodle but I used somen noodle(one of wheat flour noodle…

Homemade Tapenade

Cooked simple tapenade for dinner. Actually it’s so easy… and not sure if I can say it’s cooking. 😉 just chop two cloves of garlic, put some olives(120-140g), olive oil (80ml), anchovies(3-4 fillet), capers (drained and 1 tbsp) and fresh lemon juice (15cc) and mix well in the blender. That’s all! I mixed black and…

Spring on a plate! 

Sakura, cherry blossom season has not come yet but on my plate now. I already introduced this Jelly in the small cup last week but I enjoyed it today. Hopefully Sakura will start bloom at the end of next week… really can’t wait! (The Jelly is gone and in my stomach now. 😱🌸 Beauiful and…

Curry Udon Noodle 

Do you think it’s an Indian dish? But no… you may know that Japanese style curry with rice is a little different from authentic Indian cuisine but still popular meal for locals and even tourists who visit Japan. The “Curry Udon”… I must say it’s very unique food and cooked with dashi soup. And some…