Farmers’ Market (Japan)

farmers marketFarmers Market in Japan

Visited a farmers market in a small port town called Onomichi. It’s 30mins drive from the nearest airport. Many Japanese movies are filmed at the peaceful small town. There are many historical temples and great Japanese literary legends stayed there and introduced the town, people there in their works.

I wanted to buy some citrus fruits especially lemon when I visited. Because the region is known as top lemon production in Japan. So I thought many farmers around there and may have a chance to chat with them at the farmers market if any.

Luckily I met one couple who just picked lemon from their farm and delivered the market on the day. The husband let me sample one of his fruits called Harumi (a kind of orange) and recommended to make some marmalade. They said producing lime at their farm but it’s so popular and already sold all. ;( I didn’t expect that I can buy domestic lime…that’s really a good news to me. It’s quite far from the area I live but hopefully I will have chance to visit there again and check out their produce of each season.

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